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One-Cup Stories ( Short Stories )
by Julia Valenskaya

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“Dear friends,
I’m happy you came across my website. “One-Cup Stories” is a series of short tales – just enough time to drink a cup of tea or coffee – created to ignite your imagination. I hope they bring enjoyment to your soul as they did to mine when I wrote them. I would love for you to take your time reading, maybe one story at a time, so you have a chance to day-dream yourself. Beautiful journey to you!”
Julia Valenskaya

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These are the words that mostly characterize these great stories, these are the words we receive all the time from our readers.

Julia Valenskaya’s One-Cup Stories
are for the Heart and Soul, Review

Taking a short break from my usual routine during the day I stumbled upon Julia Valenskays’s website and decided to read two of her One-Cup Stories entitled Everlasting Love and The Flight. Never can I say have two short stories that took all of minutes to read had such a profound effect on me… Read more..

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