Julia Valenskaya – Author of  One-Cup Stories, Series of Short Stories

Short Stories about Love, Nature, Relationships, and Ideas that ignite your imagination. Here is Julia’s Autobiography.

My Background in a Nutshell

I was born in Moscow, Russia. My love for books started when I was 8 years old. I went to my girlfriend’s house to play, and when I got there, I saw her reading and actually enjoying it. I could not believe my eyes – why on Earth would she be passing the time reading if her parents weren’t home to make her? This was so shocking and fascinating to me that I just had to go and try it myself. So I went home, picked a book off the shelf, and… fell in love with reading.

Fast forward a couple of years – I made it to Moscow State University and was enjoying being a math major. My fifth and final year at the University was approaching, and I couldn’t imagine life without studying so I continued my education and enrolled in post-graduate school. My spare time was spent doing the things I loved – designing and sewing clothes as well as doing all sorts of crafts. I worked for a couple of years and truly loved my work.

Then I moved to the States and began my new career as a graphic/website designer. I currently live in California with my most wonderful husband and two sons. I adore my kids. They ARE the brightest jewels in my life!

I feel so blessed by the people who have come into my life – people who teach me to love, to appreciate life, to enjoy every breath I take, to work hard; people who expand my horizons; and people who really do care about me. It was them who inspired me to write and create these collections and for that I am grateful.

I always look forward to my free time so I can let my mind go and dream up these tales. I fantasize about romance and love – you will experience it in my Sentimental and Sensual Collections. I love nature, learning, traveling, books, movies, sports, good laughs, creation and design and so many other things!

Most of my stories are written in Russian and then translated into English.

On her traveling, Julia takes pictures and then prepares them as illustrations for her One-Cup Story Collections.

Julia is also an author of a book for little readers “Backpack Stories”. It is written for kids from 2 to 6 years old.

It is a series of stories that introduce little readers to a magical world of animals and their relationships. These fun and inspiring stories take little readers on adventures and journeys through the love of nature. I wrote these with the purpose of teaching children the value of friendship, compassion, and appreciating the world’s beauty.

Along with an artist Nadezda Chelmakova, Julia illustrated the book.

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