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One-Cup Stories – Day-Dream Collection

Welcome to the Day-Dream Collection of
One-Cup Stories – ( Short Stories )
Let your imagination soar and your spirit to be free!

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one cup stories - airborne

We had been preparing for this flight for a long time. Everybody arrived from different places, some from afar. Finally together all in one place, our dense crowd took off. As we flew overhead, we watched plains and woods, prairies and rivers float underneath us. It seemed like the nature itself greeted us.

During the flight I overheard my neighbors talking. They were discussing the future and the meaning of life. One of them was convinced that if we returned to the plains, we could be more useful there. Another dreamt of ending up in the ocean so that he could merge into its boundless waves. I really did not care to speculate; it was my first flight, and I wanted to enjoy it. Instead I was contemplating the inviting silkiness of the field and green trees on the hills below.

My neighbors kept arguing, almost fighting, when suddenly the commander gave an order to jump. All of us rushed down the aisle out the exit. We were falling from vertiginous heights. At first, I couldn’t see anything. The wind was beating in my face, and everything was whirling before my eyes. As I spiraled down, I could only make out a couple of houses and a bunch of boys pointing their fingers at us and impatiently jumping around.

A gust of wind took me away, and I saw the trees and their branches stretching towards us in excitement. I was suddenly filled up with delight, my body elongated. The wind was tackling me as I was gaining speed. Now I could distinguish the leaves sparkling in the rays of the warm May sun. This is when I heard a sound, as if somebody was clapping their hands, and I fell on a flower petal with a loud splash. It was over. I was happy.

In the morning, a little hedgehog came out of its hole, licked a drop of rain from the petal, and gratefully looked up toward the sky.

one cup stories

A Losing Streak


day dream short stories by julia valenskaya

“We have discussed all the options and taken into consideration all the suggestions… Only a miracle can save us now. Does anyone have any other ideas?”

An old one stepped forward.

“Since all the rational suggestions have been exhausted, I will tell you about a miraculous place where stars are falling every night. They cut through the sky and disappear somewhere on the other side of the plain. If we all make a wish at the same time, our mental energy will combine with that of a shooting star and help us solve our problem. The journey there is long and hard, but if you are willing to try, I’ll show you the way.”

We momentarily gathered together in absolute silence. Upon agreement, we took only the essentials for the long trip, formed into files, and headed out. By noon we passed by a high mountain, had a quick snack, and kept on going.

The journey indeed was difficult. We had to constantly climb up and down. The old one was confidently moving forward. We crossed a deep den and started climbing up a mountain. The landscape was foreign and strange as if covered in trenches.

It started getting dark. We were now marching in a straight dense line trying not to fall behind one another. Finally, the old man stopped us with his gesture as we were approaching our destination. An extraordinary plain opened up in front of us. Its horizon was absolutely flat and even, without such a ripple like a single stone. It was gray and stretched as far as the eye could see.

Nightfall quickly fell upon us. We stationed ourselves on the last crest of the hills next to the plain. Suddenly the silent air was pierced, we heard a raging roar and soon saw a shooting star. We gasped and traced the path of the shooting star with our astonished eyes. It was blazing through the sky, amazingly beautiful, falling apart into a shower of tiny sparkles. Time stopped. Enchanted, we couldn’t move. We were following its magnificent path until it disappeared somewhere far away. Soon we heard a new roar, and the night sky was dissected by another star and then another one. It was a magnificent, glorious sight.

All of a sudden the brightest star flew towards us. Approaching swiftly, it was gorgeous and shining brightly in the dark. Amazed by such a stunning beauty and by our incredible happiness and sheer luck, we crowded to make a wish. But soon we realized that the star was heading right for us.

We took off running and just barely escaped it. The star fell right next to us and burst into blinding fireworks. Everything around us caught on fire. Salvaging our future, we scattered in all directions…

A cigarette butt flew out of the car passing by, drew a beautiful arch in the air, and set the grass on fire on the side of the road causing the pilgrims to run for cover. With their last bit of strength, a colony of unlucky ants were saving themselves from fire.

day dream short story by julia valenskaya

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Day-Dream Collection
consists of 12 stories:

• Airborne
• A Losing Streak
• The Chase
• The Concert
• Friends
• Bad Barber
• Magic Flower
• In The Autumn Park
• Swimming Pool
• Starnet
• 365 Degrees
• Divine Message

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