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Short Stories – Reviews and Testimonials

I am just awestruck by Julia Valenskaya’s talent at story telling. It gives the reader a truly unique reading experience. Julia captivated me from the very first word. After each sentence I was eager to see where the story would go to next.

The uniqueness of the One-Cup Stores is truly a treasure to read while sipping your cup of tea. I just refilling my cup and had to read it over again. The author’s talent holds no bounds. You will not only enjoy reading this yourself. You will enjoy reading it to others. The stores are short, so sweet and nicely done. Bravo, Julia!
Michelle Lindsay

Julia never fails to captivate her readers… She truly is a gifted and creative literary artist. Julia’s portrait of words show remarkable talent. And yet, she writes with such ease and depth. I feel that she is definitely going to make her mark in the literary world.
Michelle Lindsay,
These stories are SO wonderful! Thank you so much! I was thrilled reading them… They took me far, far away on a journey of dreams.
Sylvia Smith
I enjoyed Day Dream collection a lot! I’m going to start a tradition – having a cup of coffee at my break and reading a story. I hope to see more collections soon.
Jake M.
I can’t express how much I was surprised when I read the stories. Wow! I always have to read them twice just to enjoy them one more time. They are so clever!
Thank you!
Just the best! Loved them, all. So unique and inspiring! Thank you!
Elizabeth Bresley, NY
Thank you! I have never seen anything like this before! It’s a dreamland. I really enjoyed the stories AND the beautiful artistic pictures. The combination of these made it a whole special treat. Very much impressed!
Lola Vergas
I came across this site and first was skeptical – I read a lot. But these stories are so unique. Guys, I truly recommend you digging in your pocket for $5 – it’s totally worth the enjoyment.
Richard McGregory
My friend told me about this site, I got the day dream stories for myself and sentimental for my wife. I was blown away by the creativity. Stories are very clever. My wife was touched by her collection. We read it probably over a week.. Maybe 1 or 2 story at a time. It’s so tempting to read more. But here is my advice – read and just enjoy it. Don’t rush. My wife said she was very inspired. Please do publish more stories soon!
Wow! I love it, love! it’s so romantic & beautiful! It’s sentual but elegant, just perfect!
Samantha R, Ohao
If there is love like this, I will wait forever! My favorite ones are Everlasting Love and Memory Collector.
Elena Tishkina, IL
Hi Julia. Thank you for your stories. The collection is wonderful! It’s so romantic and pure love! It’s the poetry!
I had a baby-girl recently so I really can relate to Stereo System. I love the twist! I don’t want to say more not to spoil the surprise for other readers. It is so true! I love my baby – she is our little treasure!
Stephanie M., MN
I keep reading Everlasting Love. You see things all the time but you don’t pay enough attention. It’s so romantic. It’s very uplifting! Thank you so much! I enjoyed every story.
Clarisa F., San Diego
I loved and the stories and the pictures! I actually loved the best – how they were presented in pdf format – what is in preparation for a book? If yes, I would like to buy it. If you can reply, please do so. My girlfriend was thrilled about the Rainy Night. Good job!!!!!!
Seven Martin, ID
I agree with all the comments. And want to add about the website – really cool! Cool setting and pieces of paper floating on the water…!
John B., Los Angeles
The best to the author! Loved the stories!
Jodi Segnor, WA
These short stories about love are AMAZING and it’s been a while since I read something like that.
Bertha Simpson, OR
A losing Streak is my favorite story!!! Read it hundred times and even read it to my friend on the phone. We both laughed – so smart!
Denis Mich., Ontario
I think 365 degrees is ingenious one!!! I’m a “scientist” :) so with my cup of coffee, i can really appreciate this one. I guess we do need to pay more attention to the reality and the world around us. Not just be lost in our scientific dreams. Thanks for a light and smart story.