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One-Cup Stories – Sensual Collection

Welcome to the Sensual Collection of
One-Cup Stories
– ( Short Stories ).
Be tempted, be engaged, love and dream!

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one-cup stories, short stories about love, sensual short stories

She was sitting on a bench in the park by the sea looking at the fountains. They were briskly erupting jets of water in the sky, covering her with light mist. The sun caressed her cheeks and looked into her eyes. They involuntarily started closing, and she was engulfed by slumber…

Suddenly she felt a light breeze behind her gently touching her hair. It wandered on by all the while caressing her neck and kissing her shoulders. It passed by her chest and buried itself in the hairs by her temple. The wind was persistently rubbing against the back of her head cuddling with her. She became startled and opened her eyes. The space around her filled up with the seagulls’ clamor, noise of the cars passing by, and people’s voices from the distance.

She closed her eyes again, and all the sounds faded. This time she felt her breasts squeezed by the firm touch of the wind; she heard his heartbeat on her chest. He turned her towards him, and she felt his passionate breath on her face. His hands were exploring her whole body, and it responded with tender languor. She felt dizzy, and her body was filling up with desire.

She felt that some unknown force lifted her and lead her along the path, away from the sounds and voices. She was strolling with her eyes closed fearing she would scare away this wonderful illusion. Unable to go any further, she leaned on a nearby tree. The wind was already tearing off her clothes, kissing and caressing her every curve. He briskly entered inside of her causing her zealous body to shiver.

She opened her eyes and saw strange eyes that became so dear in just one instance, and she closed them tight again afraid of waking up from this dream. She felt the tremor of his power, the furious beating of his heart, and she, herself, was darting towards him.

Time stopped. Suddenly the wind ceased. She languorously opened her eyes a bit, and the noise of the town broke into her life again. It was a magical dream!

And full of dreaminess, she walked towards the exit…

one-cup stories, sensual, romance story

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