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Sentimental Collection –
Short Stories about Love

Welcome to the Sentimental Collection of
One-Cup Stories ( Short Stories )!

Enjoy these wonderful short stories about love. Love, in all it’s beauty and endless different ways. Fall in love and dream away!

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The Flight

sentimental collection

Finally she felt that long awaited freedom, and she flew. What a pleasure it was, a feeling of boundless happiness and joy! She was spinning with her head thrown back, singing and laughing out loud. She absolutely didn’t care if anyone could see or hear her. She was gliding in the transparent, slightly frosty air, clothed in all amber yellow, with her arms wide open, imagining that she was dancing a wonderful ballroom dance.

The season was over. Most of her friends had already flown away, each going their own way. The parting was sudden and sad accompanied by the harsh rattle of cold rain. She was much luckier than her peers. She was leaving on a beautiful day when the sun was shining and nature stood still, enchanted.

She veered over toward a small pond containing a little rickety wooden bridge. So often had she been looking at it from above and dreaming of flying one day over it just like that, free like a bird. She flipped on her back, and put her arms behind her head. Serenely, she gazed at the sky and let the wind carry her.

Suddenly she caught notice of him. First, she saw his eyes staring at her and following her every move. He was gliding above her, all in red, and even blinded her for a moment by the sunbeam that reflected off of him. She halted in surprise. He was charmed by her childish spontaneity and true expression of happiness that was tempting him so much.

sentimental collectionThey couldn’t take their eyes off of each other and quickly began moving in closer feeling an impulse of attraction. Their hearts welled up with joy. The wind grasped hold of her, and she started rapidly spinning trying not to lose the view of his eyes. Alas, their eyes and hands met, and the whole world disappeared leaving only their eyes filled with boundless tenderness and delight.

His fingers were warm, and that warmth passed along her arms and shoulders producing a fiery wave that broke into her heart. She couldn’t believe that she would fall in love on this wonderful day. Her heart was screaming, “Yes!”

At first they exchanged timid smiles, then started giggling, and then laughed out loud as hard as they could. They were so happy that they had met each other and that their paths had crossed right here, at this very moment and that nothing could pull them apart. They simply did not want to think about the future nor their destiny. They were just spinning, holding each other’s hands and looking into each other’s eyes. The whole world concentrated on these adored eyes. They were singing and laughing while slowly drifting down towards the ground.

The Goddess of Nature was looking with sorrow and fondness at the two fallen leaves, a yellow one and a red one, dancing in the air with their stems intertwined. She was happy that, at this last moment, she gave them love; but she was sad, too, because this love wasn’t meant to last. Their magnificent dance would be over as soon as they touched the ground. She blew a gust of wind on them to prolong their happiness. They kept spinning and looking at each other acknowledging that there was no bigger joy for them in the whole world.

Soon they quietly fell down all the while cuddling and gently hugging each other. A new life was about to begin for them, the life of contemplating the beauty that surrounded them. They felt warm and safe together.

The Goddess was crying, crying with tenderness and joy that despite her they were happy in their love and understanding of wisdom that just had revealed itself to them.
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Everlasting Love

I am sitting on the beach leaning against a huge piece of driftwood. The sand is warm from the mild October sun heating it throughout the day. The wind is tousling my hair and rustling the sand over my notebook. The ocean in front of me roars with its deep voice and sometimes profoundly sighs. Next to me a cliff thrusts her feet into the ocean, and the ocean crashes himself against her trying to reach higher and higher.

everlasting love by julia valenskaya

“Sweetie, stop roaring. I am right here. I can hear you fine.”

“I want to feel your whole body, each of your curves. I want to penetrate into each of your clefts and be closer to you.”

“I know, honey…”

“I fell in love with you at first sight! I remember the day when I first saw you, still a barefoot little girl with angular knees and shoulders. You appeared here, sat down, thrust your feet into the water, put your chin on your knees, and set your eyes on me. Life stopped; the sounds faded. For the first time in my life, I froze and got paralyzed by shyness and an incredible excitement in my soul.”

“I remember that, too. You were mighty and splendid, shimmering with all the shades of blue, my favorite color. I remember your reaction, and I couldn’t understand where it was coming from. You were raging by my feet and throwing bounties of foam at me.”

“I wanted to sense you, so divine. I wanted to love you, and my heart was longing for you. I wanted to grasp you, cuddle up with you, and hold on like this forever, but I feared of scaring you away with my impulses.”

“Yes, sweetheart. Do you remember how you weren’t letting anyone else approach me?”

“I know. I didn’t know much back then. I was afraid they would steal you from me…”

“Silly…I never needed anyone but you. People, animals, and birds were coming and going; the years were flying by; the sun was warming my shoulders; the sky was flaming at the sunset; and all I needed was you. You were all that I saw.”

“I wish I knew back then. I sank so many ships in vain fighting for you.”

“Do you remember the first time we made love?”

“Of course! It was sunset, the sun was gleaming on your chest, your hair was waving in the breeze, and the pink clouds were caressing your neck and shoulders. You were so gorgeous, you were Beauty itself! I went insane from the delight, and my waters roughed. I raised such enormous waves that they engulfed you. I wanted to touch you with each of my drops. I yearned for a moment to snuggle with you, to break through every restraint, and to scream with every raging wave: “I love you! I want you!”

“I remember that, too. Your caresses were driving me crazy, and I couldn’t believe in my newfound happiness. I was scared. You were overwhelming and smothering me. I could feel your passion and knew that you loved me and would never hurt me. And then I opened up, pleading for all your mightiness, craving for you to fill me up so that I could feel you with every one of my grains of sand. You flooded me. It was the most stunning and wicked storm. The nature itself was living our love. The sunset spilled all across the horizon, the seagulls were fiercely rocketing up into the sky, and the agitated sun was highlighting the blades of the waves. They were blinding me and collapsing over my shoulders. We were screaming, screaming of joy, love, and victory – victory over time and fate! We were screaming until we wore ourselves out. We were tired and content. You were swirling around and hugging my feet. Then the sky grew dark, and the first timid star lit up in the sky. It was shining only for us. Do you remember?”

“Yes, darling. I remember every moment that we spent together. So many years have passed, but still every day at sunset, I wait for you and get excited just like that first time…”

“And I always come to you. My sweetheart, I am with you forever. Don’t you understand? Don’t roar! Take my hand, and let’s just quietly sit together and watch the sunset. It feels so good being with you.”

“And I will continue hugging and kissing your feet so that you can look at the sunset and dream. You will remain the little dreamer forever, my love. And I will try to calm down for a moment. It’s not just because they call me Pacific…”
“I love you!”

sentimental stories everlasting love by julia valenskaya

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Sentimental Collection
(Short Stories About Love)
consists of 12 stories:

• Everlasting Love
• The Flight
• The Dream
• Rainy Night
• Summer Day
• Memory Collector
• The Snowflakes
• On the Lake
• Legend about Earth
• Stereo System
• Anticipation
• Family

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